Rose Quartz Crystals

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Excellent quality Raw Rose Quartz Crystals in bulk!

Love • Comfort     

Venus |  Scorpio | Heart & Root Chakra

The stone of Unconditional Love supports matters of the heart. Promotes healthy relationships of all kinds. Its comfort property helps those with sleeping issues and brings unity when used with other crystals.

A feminine energy stone, rose quartz promotes nurturing and can help those who suffer from past trauma.The stone of love and relationships; this stone brings comfort and confidence in love both old and new!

  • Choose your lot size in grams from the menu 50 grams (10-15 crystals), 100 grams (20-25 crystals),  150 grams (30-35 crystals)
  • Approximately .5-2 inch crystals
  • light pink opalescent color
  • Shape will vary slightly


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