Amethyst Crystals

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 Alignment: Spirituality + Tranquility  Pluto | Pisces | Crown Chakra

Buy Raw Amethyst crystal in bulk Perfect for creating crystal grids, art, and jewelry of your own!

One of the most spiritual stones it is extremely beneficial to the mind. Meditation with these stones raises consciousness and spiritual awareness. It inspires tranquility by easing stress and anxiety while promoting restful sleep. This stone balances physical and emotional connections within the body and opens deeper understanding of your intuition.

Amethysts are one of the most beautiful crystals. They are the birthstone of February and said to ease anxiety and insomnia while promoting peace and serenity. These crystals are perfect for making grids, adding to your crystal collection, or creating jewelry of your own! Pick your lot below.

first picture is typical 50 gram order size
  • Premium Brazilian Raw Crystals: 50 (5-10 crystals) , 100 (10-15 crystals) , 150 (25-30 crystals) 
  • Crystal color from Lavender to Dark Purple 
  • Shape will vary
  • Approximately .5-1.5 inch size crystals 
  • Comes in cotton carrying bag

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