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     The Bauxpeep Blog is a FREE resource for beginners looking to start their crystal healing journey and Intuitive Living Journey. If you have a question about getting started? Ask below!
    Bauxpeep Boutique specializes in raw crystal jewelry and beautiful home decor. By using the Earth's very own stunning creations we find a way to reconnect with mother Earth and our own intuition.
Let's Get to Know Each Other
 Hello there, my name is Mandi. I live in Louisville, KY with my fiancé and our twin boys. I've been studying crystals since 2014. I'm the owner and creator of Bauxpeep Boutique + Blog!

     I am Certified by the Centre of Excellence in Crystal Healing and a Silver Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.
I create handmade crystal healing jewelry and curated crystal kits to bring joy and healing to as many people as possible. It's been my vision to share my knowledge in an easy accessible way so everyone can benefit from crystals and intuitive living practices.​

     Dedicated to excellent customer experience each piece is designed and created by hand just for you in our home studio. Don't hesitate to inquire about custom jewelry and home decor designs. Contact us today and we will personally work with you to create the piece of your dreams.
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