Citrine Crystals

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Raw Citrine Bulk crystal lot is perfect for adding to your collection, creating crystal grids, or making jewelry of your own!

Energy • Creativity    

The Sun | Cancer | Solar Plexus & Sacral Chakra

A vibrant stone that attracts prosperity and wealth while stimulating creativity. Promotes feelings of joy and protects from negative outlooks. Helpful when dealing with depression or sudden loss allowing you to move forward in life. Encourages self-esteem and creative endeavors.

Citrine crystals are a stone of prosperity and happiness!
Ruled by the sun, their beautiful yellow color brings good vibes and beauty.
Perfect for creating crystal grids and making your own crystal jewelry.

  • Pick your lot by the gram 50 (5-10 crystals) , 100 (10-15 crystals) , 150 (25-30 crystals) , 200 (35-40 crystals)
  • Approximately .5-1.5 inch size 
  • Color will vary slightly 
  • Shape will vary slightly


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