Top 3 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

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how to cleanse your crystals
I'm sure you hear about it all the time "cleansing and charging" your crystals. You may be wondering what it's all about and why/how to do it. There are A LOT of articles out there on the subject and they can be pretty confusing. Let's keep it simple! Here are my favorite top 3 ways to cleanse crystals (and a few to avoid).

First things first: Cleansing and Charging are NOT the same thing!

We'll tackle charging at a later date, but for now let's focus on cleansing.
What is it?
Simply put cleansing= cleaning. When you use your crystals they get dirty-- just like any tool. Crystals attract and repel energy and all varieties have the potential to soak up bad energies that can weaken their overall properties.

When do I do it?

It may be time to cleanse if --
• Your crystals are losing their luster: They can look less vivid
• They seem to be less potent: your crystals don't seem to be working as well as they used to.
• You are working with a certain crystal for the first time: When you add to your collection it's a good time to cleanse it. This removes any energy it may have picked up on its journey to you. This preliminary cleansing aligns the crystals intention to you.

So let's get to it !

Top 3 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals
1) Smudging - Smudge refers to burning sacred herbs/wood to produce a smoke cloud. Different herbs can be used to fit your purpose. Common smudges are sage,  palo santo, or sandalwood. You can also use the smoke of your favorite incense-- even the smoke of a campfire can be used to effectively cleanse crystals. 
2) Moonlight - Leaving your crystals to soak up the moonlight is a great way to cleanse them. Moonlight is also used to charge crystals during full moons and super moons (more about that later). Energy from the moon is purely feminine and works best with crystals like selenite, moonstone, and rose quartz.
3) Essential Oils - This is my personal way of cleansing my crystals. Find your chosen oil-- I use Tea Tree, Lavender, or Clove depending on my intention. Put a few drops on a small linen or cloth bag and place the crystals inside. Let the crystal sit inside over night. In the morning it will be ready to use again. 

Methods to Avoid

Many, many resources tell you to cleanse your crystals with water. This should really never be done.
Water- Cleansing with water is potentially damaging to your crystals! Water can dissolve some varieties like Fluorite and Gypsum. Soaking any crystal in water is not recommended. Plenty of resources on the internet will advise cleansing crystals this way. If you see it, it's a major indicator that you should take any other advice they may have with skepticism. There are so many more ways to cleanse your crystals without the possibility of harming them, wouldn't you rather use those?
**Avoid "essence" sprays and "elixirs" they can be potentially poisonous or bad for your health-- I've noticed many places online touting new crystal elixirs (at outrageous prices) made from soaking crystals. Never forget that crystals and many minerals should never be ingested.**
Be very wary of crystal tonics (essence or elixirs) only very skilled Crystal Therapists should be trusted with these potentially deadly concoctions. Ask if the direct or indirect method has been used.
The indirect method insures that the crystal has not made physical contact with the solution. This way harnesses energy alone and does not involve potential poisons leeching into the tonic. 
Sunlight- Cleansing with direct sunlight can also damage crystals and should be avoided. Crystals like Amethyst and Rose Quartz are bleached when left in the sun. Even though clear crystals like Clear Quartz and Danburite won't physically appear to be altered by the sun, I still would not recommend this method for any crystals to be used for crystal healing.
There are many methods for cleansing your crystals. These are my three favorite ways that I use personally in my practice. Whatever way (or ways) calls to you and serves your intention most -- go with it!

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