The Absolute BEST Crystals for attracting Prosperity & Abundance

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Everyone is looking to attract more good things into their lives. When we set our intentions we are creating the means to manifest our desires. Through using crystals we can support our intentions and strengthen our capability to create change in our lives. 

All crystals have the potential to hold intention and help you manifest your goals, but some crystals are more aligned with certain goals than others. In this post I'll let you know the absolute five best crystals for manifesting prosperity. 

Prosperity is more than money. Wealth is determined in many ways. It's about well-being and feeling like you are accomplished and fulfilled. This is a goal that everyone seeks in their lives. What's better than having happy comfortable life?

Prosperity is more than money.


The Five BEST crystals for attracting Prosperity and Abundance 

PYRITE--golden stone-This crystal comes from the Greek "of Fire". It is sometimes referred to as "Fool's Gold" because of it's striking similarity to gold. This glittering stone is said to promote wealth and abundance and change power structures that may be blocking your path to success in your favor. It inspires leadership qualities and helps you take charge of your finances.

QUARTZ-- clear stone- Crystal quartz is a must have stone. By stimulating your crown and third eye chakras, paths to success and fulfillment become clear. Clarity of mind in financial matters is of the upmost importance. Especially in debt situations where one can often feel hopeless. Quartz lights the path to a plan that can further your financial goals as well as workplace success. 

CITRINE-- yellow stone- As we mentioned above; wealth is about more than money. This stone inspires happiness and gives you the energy to tackle big issues. Citrine's sunny color reminds us of the light at the end of the tunnel; that our hard work now will pay off in the long run. Keeping a Citrine stone in your purse or wallet keeps your money on track. 

AVENTERINE-- green stone- The color of money, Aventurine inspires more than just fiscal security. This stone promotes creativity in finding the right path to success while lending a little luck toward our purpose; they call this stone the "Stone of Opportunity" for a reason. 

TIGER EYE-- striped stone- This stone grants us knowledge, courage, and strength. As we seek prosperity we must have the courage to being, the knowledge to continue on our path, and the strength to complete it. Crystals don't do all the work for us. We have to take control of what we wish to manifest, and they help us on the way!
Prosperity is so much more than material wealth. It's a wish for true happiness. This can mean so many things to different people, but by using these specialized crystals you can manifest your best. Look inside yourself and use your intuition to find the answer of what your happiness looks like. Maybe it has to do with your job, maybe it means your ready to buy your first home. Only you can know, and healing crystals can help! 
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