The 7 Best Beginner Crystals anyone can start with!

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I've been attracted to crystal energy since I was young. I remember visiting a cave in the town where I grew up and falling head over heels for all of the beautiful crystals in the souvenir shop! I just had to have every single one! You probably feel the same way, but the good news is you don't need every single crystal to start benefiting from them. Some of the most readily available crystals are the most beneficial.

There are so many varieties of crystals where should I start?

As a  Certified Crystal Healer Silver Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists in my practice I surround myself with crystals getting to know each one personally and experimenting with their specific benefits. Through these meditations, I feel some of the best stones for the beginner are a few of my favorite; Green Aventurine, Crystal Quartz, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Zebra Jasper, Citrine and Moonstone.

Some of the most readily available crystals are the most beneficial.

7 Essential Stones

AVENTURINE -- Green Stone -- Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” a crystal that will bring luck and success into your life. Manifesting prosperity and wealth is perfectly aligned for this amazing stone. Its vibrant energy makes it excellent for making the best of every opportunity.

QUARTZ -- Clear Stone -- This quartz variety is one of the most easily identified crystals. It is the master healer and amplifier of energy. Clear quartz promotes mental clarity and awareness. If there is a stone that is an absolute must have-- it's this one! Not only is it incredibly beautiful, it is extremely powerful.
CITRINE -- Yellow Stone -- Another variety of quartz; the Citrine crystal is yellow in color and very similar in shape to the amethyst crystal. Like many yellow stones, Citrine attracts abundance and wealth. This doesn't just mean wealth monetarily, it could mean feeling fulfilled--or accomplished. It is also an energy stone. Citrine attracts positive energy and amplifies manifestation.
ROSE QUARTZ -- Pink Stone -- Rose quartz is the stone of emotion. This variety of quartz benefits relationships of all kinds. Not only romantic ones. The calm and reassuring vibrations promote healing from break-ups to lost loved ones; repairing bad relationships to nourishing new ones. This stone helps establish relationships with others.
RED JASPER -- Red Stone -- This powerful stone promotes bravery and strength. It brings an overwhelming since of security and warmth. It stimulates the life force and opens the heart to receive vital lasting energy. Its steady frequency helps to focus the mind-- a great stone for someone just starting to meditate with crystals.
ZEBRA JASPER -- Marbled Stone -- This stone brings balance uniting the energies of the masculine and feminine. This stone opens you to new realization and acceptance. It creates an calm awareness of the daily stresses of life and allows you to find the strength to deal with overwhelming circumstances.
MOONSTONE -- White Stone -- Moonstone has a strong feminine energy that connects us to our intuition. This beautiful stone promotes spiritual health, personal growth, and connection to the world around us.
These most common--affordable stones are some of the most versatile. Finding a place to start can be overwhelming because of the wealth of information you can find regarding crystal healing. It doesn't have to be confusing and you don't need to spend a lot of money to benefit from crystals.

Your crystal journey will be uniquely yours. Getting to know crystals is a very personal journey and crystal energy is different for everyone. Many crystals share benefits and finding one that speaks to you personally is important. What's your favorite crystal? 

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