How to Navigate Mercury Retrograde -- in Three Easy Steps!

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Navigate Mercury Retrograde -- In Three Easy Steps! Plus an easy to follow infographic!



updated December 1st, 2018 

What is Mercury Retrograde anyway?

Due to Earth's orbit, sometimes other planets in our solar system appear to be traveling backward in relation to the Zodiac. This illusion is termed "apparent retrograde motion" commonly known as "Mercury Retrograde". Often these times of retrograde are associated with communication issues, confusion, delay, and negativity.

The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, and contracts. When Mercury is in retrograde it is important to remain flexible, allow time for extra travel, and avoid making important, hefty decisions.


2019 Mercury Retrograde Dates

This year the dates for Mercury Retrogrades are:

  • March 5 – March 28 in Pisces
  • July 8 in Leo – August 1 in Cancer
  • October 31 – November 20 in Scorpio 


Three Easy Steps to Navigate Mercury Retrograde

1. Plan

Having a plan is the best way to combat the effects of Mercury Retrograde. Plan out your day the night before so you wake up full of purpose. Set little goals for yourself to accomplish to measure your success: "Did I call and make a hair appointment before my lunch break? Yes? Excellent I'm on track." Small goals each day can make sure your setting yourself up to succeed.

Make lots of lists! Maybe even get yourself a planner (the paper kind) don't just use your phone! Having something concrete will help make sure you're not being distracted while you are in the process of planning. Focusing on one thing at a time is another key to success.

2. Be Flexible

Always, always have a Plan B! Have something in mind for what you're going to do when Plan A crashes and burns. Anticipate the crash and burn because Mercury Retrograde is notorious for ruining plans. Never underestimate the small stuff! Things like giving yourself plenty of time to get to an appointment or laying out your clothes for work/school the night before can be super easy things that make a world of difference. Anything you can do to prepare yourself, do it!

3. Keep Your Crystals Close

Communication is hard during retrograde. This is because the God Mercury (also known as Hermes) is the messenger of the Gods. When Mercury goes into retrograde miscommunication is rampant. People have a hard time understanding and are more likely to be frustrated and confused. Take time to carefully explain intentions or directions. Don't take for granted that your being understood clearly and correctly. Make an effort to be calm and find time to meditate with your crystals daily. The best crystals for Mercury Retrograde are Chrysocolla, Fluorite, and Quartz. Chrysocolla is a communication stone perfect for battling the retrograde vibes. Fluorite heightens mental capabilities and promotes organization. Quartz attracts positivity while promoting mental clarity. All three crystals are perfect to get you through all three Mercury Retrogrades of 2018!



What is Mercury Retrograde Good For?

Mercury Retrograde isn't all doom and gloom. If you stay present and plan accordingly retrograde won't be an issue for you. It's a great time for reflection and an excellent time to change habits. Make the most of this retrograde!


The Easy to Follow Infographic



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