How to Find the Right Crystals For You!

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How to Find the Right Crystals For You: the easy way!

Crystal healing can be very overwhelming at the beginning.There are so many crystals to choose from and some of them go by many names-- some of them are even trademarked! With crystal healing becoming more and more popular people are trying to find ways to mislead people looking for healing to turn a profit. Doing your research before going to the local crystal shop or finding crystals online is the best way to make sure you're getting quality crystals and starting your healing journey off to a great start! You can find crystals easily by using one or both of these methods:

Two Easy ways to Pick Crystals--


Using your intuition as a guide is a helpful tool when starting your healing journey. Places you can find crystals locally is a great way to "feel" the crystals vibes and find one your are attracted to. Crystals hold and attract energy and those sensitive to these vibes will be able to feel themselves drawn to a particular crystal. In my practice I find myself drawn to Amethyst, Labradorite, and Moonstone. I feel the most energy from these stones and they are the ones I tend to gravitate to for my creative and healing work.
What if you don't have a crystal shop or rock shop nearby? No worries! There are so many resources online for crystal lovers. Finding a reputable source is easy to spot. Are they crystal healing certified or practitioners themselves? This is always a good sign that a crystal shop is reputable. Bauxpeep Boutique + Blog is Certified by the Centre of Excellence in Crystal Healing and a Silver Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. The crystals in our shop are imported from reputable mines all over the world and hand selected for the very best quality as healing and jewelry crystals. Find shops that cater to crystal healing to get everything you need in one place.


Finding crystals by intention or "use" is another great way to find the very best crystals for your needs. Certain crystals will align better with one intention over another. For example using Amethyst to inspire and promote passion will not work as successfully as using Carnelian or Rose Quartz. Not sure what your Intention is? Use this FREE GUIDE to find out! There are many aspects to crystals that make them more useful according to intention including: color, shape, chakra alignment and more!

So how do you know what crystals work with your intention? You can use this handy resource or check out the shop for easy one stop shopping for crystal sets handcrafted for specific Intention.

These are two easy ways to pick the right crystals for you. There are dozens of ways to choose crystals for their properties and it can be confusing. These two ways will always set you on the right path. Your intuitive center is the best guide when working with energy and your Intention guides your action.

Crystal healing should be accessible to everyone! That's why it's my mission to make it easy to live more intuitively and use crystal healing to enrich our lives. Bauxpeep Boutique + Blog is full of FREE resources to help you start your journey.

Still not sure where to begin? Send me an email at and ask any questions you have. I can't wait to hear from you!

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