A Guide to Charging Your Crystals the easy way!

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how to charge your crystals

A Guide to Charging your crystals-- the EASY way!

So last week we talked about 3 of the best ways to cleanse your crystals. This week here on the blog we're getting into the next step when using crystals; charging. Pretty much everything to do with crystals seems to come with an added bit of mystery and confusion. Let's make it clear and easy to understand!

A few things to keep in mind

A lot of people get confused about cleansing and charging. We know that they're not the same thing.
Let's review a couple of points:
Cleansing means cleaning your crystals by removing negative energy. This opens your crystal for charging and creating optimal receptiveness to your intention.
Cleansing should be done when you first get your crystals and when you feel they need it. It doesn't have to be done on any regular basis to successfully use crystals.

Crystals are a tool.

Just like any tool; it's important to take good care of them. Crystal cleansing, charging, and aligning are the vital steps to optimize your crystal healing journey and insure your intentions manifest.
There are many ways to charge your crystals! Some prefer to use moonlight -- either a full moon or any moonlight available. Others charge them by burying them in soil or using the sound of a singing bowl.

The EASY way to charge your crystals

Step 1 Choose the crystal or crystals you wish to charge.
Step 2 Hold them in your hands and visualize filling them with positive light.
That's all!
Some visualize a pink or white light filling their crystals. Choose the auric color as one you closely identify with. The color intuitive to you is the one you should use. It could be your favorite color, the color of a loved one's eyes, or a color that reminds you of positivity and happiness.
In my practice I visualize a white light to charge and open my crystals.

For the modern woman who doesn't have time to wait for the monthly full moon or even the coveted second full moon. It really is that simple. Visualization is key to any work with crystals. Using your inner vision is the first step in achieving an intuitive life. Aligning and Setting intention is the next step in learning to properly use crystals. Next week we will cover aligning your stones with your purpose.

There are many ways to charge your crystals! This is just one of them. For anyone just starting out it's a great option to get started quickly on the intuitive path of living!

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